Private Session

In private session, Rose uses combination of techniques and philosophies that comes out of her training as a body code and emotion code practioner.  The power of the work is based on identifying what you need most urgently then finding out the belief systems that empower us or dis-empower us.  Working with muscle testing and energy techniques as a release mechanism, people are able to let go of these limiting beliefs. Often, their life changes dramatically and some almost immediately after the session.  See FAQ for more details.


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The benefit of the system 

This technique has been able to help the following difficulties in life:

* Depression 


*Eating Disorders 



*Back and Knee Pain 




* Many Moreā€¦

Half Session

$ 40 NZD


Beginner's trial

30 min session - removing some trapped emotions and clear the thoughts so you're ready for your day.


Pet Session

$ 40 NZD

30 mins for your loved ones: dogs, cats & any animals. Please email me for more details if interested


Private session

$ 80 NZD


One Hour session 

Clearing most urgent needs 

Adjust to each individual's need


Pre-Paid Session

$ 280 NZD


Pre-Paid & Save


Pay in advance and get 4 sessions for $280!  

Use yourself or give it away as gifts! 


10 Sessions

$ 600 NZD

That is a big save!  $200!  Book it today!