Do Animals Have Emotions?

If you’ve ever enjoyed the company of a furry friend in your life, you’ll know this is a silly question. Of course they do.

Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners, like myself, have been busy releasing trapped emotions from all kinds of animals, as well as humans, for quite a few years now. The great thing about working with animals is that they are very responsive to energy work. Without the complexities of the human mind, they are able to just let go of the stuff that has caused problems in their lives, and be as free and happy as they are meant to be.

Is your cat crazy? Is your dog down in the dumps? Is your horse in a huff? The Emotion Code and The Body Code can help. Has your vet been unable to find the cause of your pet’s physical problem? Using The Body Code, I may be able to help him or her by releasing negative energies from their sub-conscious mind. The body, both human and animal, has an immense capacity to heal itself, but it can’t do this if there are trapped emotions and other negative energies stuck in the sub-conscious. 

There is no need to bring the animal to me, or for me to visit the animal. The Body Code and The Emotion Code are every bit as effective when applied remotely. If your animal friend needs this kind of help, I can act as proxy for him or her, to identify and release whatever needs to be released. Working by phone or skype with you, I can explain what I’m doing as I do it. Your animal may be beside you or somewhere else, it makes no difference. If it’s more convenient, I can work remotely on your pet at an agreed time, and then email you a report outlining the work that was done.

Who knows? You may find out what your cat has been up to when you’re not around, or how much your dog feels that you would never have known about. Book a session today!